PRISM index #2

PRISM index has finished the second issue of its mixed-media art compilation. The name PRISM index serves as an acronym for print, images, sounds, and movies collected from a wide spectrum of artists and culled together into one outlet. The final product resembles a hand-made book at 8.5 x 11”, but upon inspection one finds a hand-stamped CD and DVD sewn directly into the middle, between 88 pages of art, comics, short fiction, non-fiction, poetry and oddities from over 50 artists

Turned Word

Hank the Herald Angel Recordings

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Why not visit Michael's friend Amy Annelle of The Places

Vetiver is named for an aromatic East Indian grass that grows in California, and their music delivers on the sunny, hazy sweetness the band's name suggests

here you will find all the information (or the links to that information!) that you will need about Jana Hunter, Feathers, Rio en Medio , the Papercuts, ABRA , and Michael Hurley

Gnomons tell the time and the time is always now!

here Gravel & Gold is a teeny-tiny shop in San Francisco's Mission District.
On our shelves, you'll find lovingly selected vintage and handmade clothing, jewelry and homestuffs—everything from neon candlesticks to letterpress notecards. We especially favor stocking the work of local artists

Wes Freed grew up on a cattle farm in the Shenandoah Valley, an area that has inspired most of his landscapes, and many of the characters who appear in his paintings and comics, as well as Willard's Garage itself. There aren't actually a whole bunch of skeleton looking folks in that area, but when Wes was young, he ran across a DuPont safety magazine that featured a drawing of a bottle-wielding, bowler-wearing skeleton driving a roadster, and that obviously made a big impression on him, since he's been painting variations on that theme since he was about seven years old.